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In the program of Gouda 750 fest, you can read:

In the trilogy ‘Shakespeare is hier’, based on historical facts, the reader steps out with the bard from Britain in Tergouw- Gouda in 1609. Because of the Plague, the theaters are in lockdown and the great poet and writer escapes London to discover the city of Erasmus. He can work here as well as write. Under the name of William Flut, Shakespeare also starts to make clay pipes with Willem Barends. The first Gouda pipes will soon be shipped all over the world.

The archives show that Flut finally married Martijntje Jaspersdochter, the widow of Barends and named ‘Rose’ in the many sonnets.

De authors Thom & Griffie also use an alias and the triptych starts as an historical play, continues as a comedy and finally ends as a tragedy. The book is very actual, with lockdowns, plot thinking, political cartoons, drugs, intersexe-conditions and parodies

On the birth- and day of death of Shakespeare, the 23th April, the book ‘Shakespeare is hier’, will be presented in the Theaterbakkerheij in Gouda, together with a performance of poetry, rap, music and of course theater by the Voetlicht Society.

Would you like to see Shakespeare live on stage?

Please get your ticket quickly and come to the Theaterbakkerheij, Gouderaksedijk 24b Gouda !

Tickets: www.Theaterbakkerheij.nl

The authors Thom&Griffie pointing at the place where Shakespeare is buried.

To be or not to be is the mystery!